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The B.A.G. Networking

Professional Business Mixers & Charity Events

The B.A.G. Networking group was founded by local professionals wanting to establish a regularly scheduled date & time to gather with other business professionals dedicated to building a solid bond and referral source. We know our clients best and want to be able to always feel confident in referring other people of the same quality to insure that trust and reputation remains intact. We are here to grow and learn from each other. The B.A.G. Networking group does not single out or exclude multiple members of any one profession. All occupations are encouraged and welcomed to join.


Should you wish to be a B.A.G. Business Headliner for one of our meetings please contact us at:


The B.A.G. Business Headliners are given 5-10 minutes to showcase their business and asked to provide 1 grab bag for our drawing. Each B.A.G. should contain your business card and information as well as a small prize for the winner. Company embossed prizes are welcomed as we are a networking group and love to help market our members.


We want you to expand your network of “Friends in Business” so we ask that you leave each meeting with at least 5 new business contacts from our group. 

Why us?


The B.A.G. Networking

is fun focused on building long lasting meaningful contacts in the business community.

Share your strengths and toughen your weaknesses.

We can all learn from each other.


Our mission is to join together in a unified effort to foster compassion, respect, and success to those in need by improving economic soundness through business and financial literacy. 

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