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“Where Friends Meet, Business Gets Done, and

The Community is Served" ~ The BAG Networking

“Your Success is in the B.A.G.”


We hope you will find everything your business needs inside our B.A.G.


We are an established 501c3 Non-Profit professional networking group that promotes business, charity, and philanthropy within the San Diego, North, Orange, and Riverside county communities. This group meets every 2nd Tuesday of the month from 5:30-8:30pm.


The B.A.G. Networking (Business Associates Group) is focused on providing an opportunity for you to meet and interact with other successful business professionals. Strategically located in beautiful San Diego, our members travel from Riverside County, Orange County and the Greater San Diego Area. We set the standard for business networking by granting each professional one on one time with decision makers, business owners and those in managerial positions. The B.A.G. Networking group is carefree and fun, not a stuffy and pretentious pressure filled atmosphere. There is enough stress in daily life so we have loosened up our guidelines without eliminating the root reasons for the meetings. The B.A.G. Networking events start at 5:30 PM and will wrap up at 8:30 PM. We meet every 2nd Tuesday of the month. Tardiness is understood and will be forgiven as there can always be unforeseen problems that may arise. In addition, there are no fees or dues. The agenda is loose but will follow to a strict policy of professionalism and respect to all of the members and potential members. The pinnacle of our event will be at 7:00 PM when we have a brief 5-10 minute presentation by our featured “Business Headliner's” and Prize Drawing.



We are proud to offer a variety of professional and networking possibilities. We are here to help grow your business as well as promote charity, and philanthropy within our communities. Our members build a strong, lasting rapport within a diverse business population. Members and Ambassadors include over 10,000 local business professionals.


If you are looking to register as a "Business Headliner", ask a question, or make a general comment please feel free to email us at ~ We look forward to meeting with you and remember, your bag might be empty today, but after networking with us we promise it will be filled with the right stuff.




Your "Friends in Business" The B.A.G. Networking 

We Want to Know:

who you are-

what you do-


the type of client 

we should refer you-

Our mission is to join together in a unified effort to foster compassion, respect, and success to those in need by improving economic soundness through business and financial literacy. 

Make Your 

Networking Count~

Building great friendships and

business referrals 

with every meeting 

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